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Welcome to Crypto Jets Club, an exclusive digital membership club that embraces the high life in the captivating realm of Web3.

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Crypto Jets Club

Connect with like-minded individuals and explore a collection of 7,777 meticulously crafted 3D private jet NFTs, each featuring exquisite interiors, captivating liveries, and a range of options to suit your taste.

Through our viewer, experience the thrill of exploring the virtual skies, soaring above majestic skylines in your own 3D digital private jet.

As a privileged holder, unlock unparalleled real-world benefits: global custom charter quotes, enticing empty leg deals, and competitive hourly rates all curated in collaboration with our esteemed private jet partners. Elevate your aviation experience to unparalleled heights of luxury and convenience.

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Physical Collectibles & Utility




Pre-Launch Demo Viewer (LQ)

How it works

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    Click "CONNECT WALLET" on our website to link your crypto wallet. For wallet setup assistance or if you don't have a wallet yet, check our F.A.Q section.

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    After connecting your crypto wallet, click on the "MINT"button, and select the desired quantity of NFTs. Each wallet can acquire a maximum of 50 NFTs, with a limit of 10 per transaction.

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    Select your desired NFT quantity, ensure sufficient ETH for minting and gas fees, then click continue.

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    Once your transaction is successful, your Crypto Jets Club NFTs will be minted and delivered to your digital wallet.

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Our Collection

7,777 - 3D Private Jet NFTs. Access to Air Charter Services.

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Phase 1



More info +

The long-awaited Launch day has arrived, and we are thrilled to announce that we are cleared for take-off! Join us as we soar into the world of luxury aviation like never before. Ready to take flight?

Phase 02

25% Mint

Digital Art Drop

More info +

During the 25% completion of our collection minting process, an exciting art drop will be announced. Holders will be able to mint their own Crypto Jets Club digital membership card (Gas Fees Apply) for exclusive access to the charter section, featuring custom quotes and empty legs. These digital membership cards may hold potential for future applications, such as storing flight credits, accessing concierge services, and earning XP reward points that can be redeemed for onboard catering services and VIP transportation.

Phase 03

50% Mint

Charity Giveaway

More info +

Upon reaching the 50% minting milestone, join us in supporting a noble cause as we proudly donate $10,000 to Orbis - The Flying Hospital. Orbis provides vital eye care services and training to underserved communities worldwide through their advanced Flying Eye Hospital Aircraft, empowering communities and combatting blindness. Together, we will help combat blindness, enhance eye care, and empower communities.

Phase 04

75% Mint


More info +

Join the raffle once the collection sellout reaches 75%, for a chance to be the fortunate winner of $15,000 in air credit for chartering a private jet. The lucky winner will be randomly selected from those who own four or more NFTs. Additionally, 20 randomly chosen holders who possess at least one NFT will receive exclusive prizes such as Physical Cards, collectible Coins, or Customized Mahogany Jet Models. To ensure fairness, we utilize Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that verifies the random selection process. Don't miss out on the opportunity to purchase these limited collectibles during Flightmap 2.0.

Phase 05


FlightMap 2.0 Reveal

More info +

Flightmap 2.0 Reveal is here! Your feedback guides our path forward, whether it's enhancing the booking process with an innovative Web3 booking platform that embraces cryptocurrency for chartering real-world jets or venturing into a dynamic metaverse game. Your input shapes our journey. In the future, we may introduce a range of additional features and applications in collaboration with our trusted charter brokers. These include concierge services, tailor-made luxury vacations, group travel options, and an AR viewer for the jets.

Meet the Team

Fathi Qaddoura

Fathi Qaddoura

Founder & CEO

Ali Fawaz

Ali Fawaz



Tim Drennan

Programmer & Artist


What is Crypto Jets Club?

Crypto Jets Club is an exclusive digital membership club connecting like-minded individuals who are passionate about the high life. Our 7,777 private jet NFTs feature stunning custom designs. Explore your 3D digital private jet in detail and enjoy real-world benefits like custom charter quotes, competitive rates, and access to empty leg deals through our private jet brokers.

What are the Utilities and Features of this Collection?

As an NFT holder, you'll access real-world benefits through our private jet brokers, including custom charter quotes, empty leg deals, and competitive rates. Join a community of like-minded individuals, claim Art drops (Gas Fees Apply), participate in raffles, and enjoy upcoming perks and utilities.

How do I access custom quotes and empty legs?

Through our website's "Charter" section, verified members will be able to fill out a dedicated form to request custom quotes and receive periodic email notifications about available empty legs.

What is supply of this collection?

There are 7,777 Private Jet NFTs within the collection.

What are the available options and combinations?

Our collection offers a wide variety of options, including 18 base models, 6 unique interior layouts for each jet, 8 interior themes for each layout, 28 primary wrap/livery options, 28 secondary wrap/livery options, 3 material finishes, and 9 background settings.

What are the different types of rarities?

Business Class rarities consist solely of standard seats.

Luxury Class rarities include additional features like couches, TVs, lamps, and more.

Ultra-Lux Class rarities are characterized by the presence of beds, statues, large-screen TVs, books/magazines, game consoles, bowling alleys, and other amenities.

Can I select which Crypto Jets Club NFTs I want?

The Crypto Jets Club NFTs are randomly generated and delivered, so you won't know which NFT Jet you receive until you check your wallet after purchase and reveal.

What is the Mint Price and when is the Mint date?


Do I pay gas fees when minting?

Yes. Gas fees occur for any transaction or attempted transaction on the blockchain including a mint. The amount will vary depending on the variety of factors such as how many people are using the network at that moment.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds. All sales of Crypto Jets Club NFTs are final.

What Blockchain are these minted on?

Ethereum Blockchain

Can I sell or trade my Crypto Jets Club NFTs?

You can trade or sell your Crypto Jets Club NFTs on marketplaces like Opensea. Each secondary sale incurs a 7.77% royalty paid to the creator. Please note that Crypto Jets Club NFTs are collectibles meant for personal enjoyment, not investment purposes.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are unique digital assets with distinct characteristics, unlike fungible physical money or cryptocurrencies. They can be in the form of photos, videos, audio files, or other digital formats and encompass artwork, comic books, sports collectibles, trading cards, and interactive games.

How do I create a wallet and get started?

How to set-up Metamask wallet: Link
How do I buy an NFT on opensea? : Link

Why do I need a crypto wallet to purchase Crypto Jets Club NFTs?

Crypto wallets allow you to transfer and store your cryptocurrency and digital collectibles. A crypto wallet is similar to having a safe for your physical collectibles or a filing cabinet for your important papers. It’s a place to store your digital assets.

I have a question. How can I contact you?

Please email us at

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